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    Mr. mike jiang
    weifang shenghe zhuji Co.,Ltd
    AddYongan Road, Chengnan Industry Park, Changle, Shandong, China
    Tel : 86-536-6731166
    Fax: 86-536-6731177
    Mobile : 86-13780845502
    Web: www.phrijabar.com

    Weifang Shenghe Zhuji Co., Ltd is a Chinas top manufacturer of Thiourea Dioxide and Pulp bleaching agent/FAS/TDO with the annual output of 8,500 tons. We have modern production plant and research equipment and the introduction of modern production equipment and testing equipment. By using new technological process, all the quality are better than the chemical industry standards HG/T3258-2010. respectively. The products are exported to Europe, USA, Japan, Middle East and so on.

    On 2017, The company was combined with Weifang ruimin chemical co.,ltd and Shouguang Xinsheng Chemistry Co.,LTD, the combined group made three small companies to be a big company. Meanwhile, the group established its own import and export company - Weifang shengfa textile anxiliary agent co.,ltd., this new company now just service for foreign customers.

    The company owns the R&D center with 18 persons and obtains annually the supports of the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) of China. The R&D center work ensures the products to be in the leading status all the while.

    120km from Qingdao Port, the company is committed to be the responsible supplier for the worlds clients.


    Tel:+86-536-6731166+86-13791885361 Fax:+86-536-6731177
    Add: yongan street, changle city ,shandong , China P.C:262400
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